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Hemp as a natural antidote, crucial in the Mediterranean diet for people affected by the celiac disease and its further applications

The “Bio and Made in Italy trend” in the food sector generated a healthy nutritional role model which is second to none.

A new frontier lies ahead of us and Distribuzione Canapa Italia is accomplishing a far-reaching project which will put the use of Cannabis Sativa in the centre of attention, considering it a nutritional factor allowing to make the difference, also thanks to a series of alliances that have been signed recently throughout the territory, with the best partners  specialised in the agricultural sector, in accordance with the Italian law of 2 December 2016, n. 242, in force since 14 January 2017, which promotes the plantation and the agro-industrial supply chain of hemp, acknowledging it as a “crop capable to contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact on agriculture, to the reduction of land take and desertification and reducing the loss of biodiversity, as well as a crop to be used as potential substitute of excess crops and for crop rotation.” Not everybody knows that hemp flour is completely gluten-free, making it therefore perfectly suitable for a diet which has to respect the frightening celiac disease: its proteins contain all 8 essential amino acids: what better vaccine, furthermore a 100% natural, to strengthen the central immune system? It can be used for bread, pizza and candy dough, for frying and flouring, giving the pastry a slight flavour of hazelnut and a brownish colour. Furthermore, it resulted optimal for the preparation of home-made pasta, for pasta with or without eggs and for gnocchi. The hemp leaves and blossoms are used instead to manufacture infusions, beer, candy or essential oils utilized for perfumes and to flavour food. Special reference is to be made to its seeds which became involved by right in the narrow circle of a nutrition associated to a healthier and more natural lifestyle: besides the amino acids, they consist of 24% of proteins, having an abundant amount of fibre; they contain minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium; they offer a high percentage of vitamin E, valuable for its antioxidant effects. The seeds are also used to produce margarine, ice-cream, beverages, tofu etc., nutritional supplements for nutraceutical use, cosmetics and cleansers for the personal hygiene. All of them products which will converge in an even more determined manner in the unanimous project of organic development refined by Distribuzione Canapa Italia.

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